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We offer customized solutions to help you save time through streamline processes that ultimately reduce the time you spend doing administrative tasks.

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To Capture the beauty & the struggles of Entrepreneurship though the eyes of an Administrative Consultant.


Becoming a source of camaraderie and understanding for that small segment of the population willing to take the leap into self-employment.


For those whom choose to walk the lonely & often misunderstood path of being your own boss…Actually, correction: for anyone willing to read this.


Through honest and humorous real life narrations of myself taking my business to the next level; including the flowers I stop to smell along the way, even the poo smelling ones.

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Entrepreneurial Ooze & What to do with it

Entrepreneurial Ooze & What to do with it

As entrepreneurs a common trait among us is our ever present barrage of ideas that bounce around in our head. This is a natural bi-product of always looking for moments where creativity meets opportunity and there is little, if any control when it comes to the timing of the entrepreneurial process. You know what I’m talking about, that thing that when activated feels like your brain is incapable of any other thought. Like an alarm sounding off with great intensity, as if a power drill is boring through your skull from the inside out, desperate to be released. This little entrepreneurial factoid is probably the number one cause of relationship issues for us as well, as it can become all consuming. If you have never experienced this then understand it’s a feeling like no other and no amount of explaining can truly convey the intensity of it all.

How my dog made me a better Entrepreneur

How my dog made me a better Entrepreneur

Having been an entrepreneur for 10+ years there is little I miss about working for “the man”, “the woman” or anyone AT ALL. Actually there isn’t a thing I miss about working for anyone else other then myself, as I am my bestest boss… EVER! Except I miss the...

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

According to Wikipedia Administrative Professional Day is the last Wednesday in April. Officially the festivities last the entire week, known as Administrative Professional Week. Very befitting, as I think these individuals are what allow organizations big and small...